High Frequency Welding Machine Series

YW-8000SHY-T2 High Frequency Safety Covering Plastic Welding Machine (Sit operation)

High Frequency Safety Covering Plastic Welding Machine (Sit operation)...
Model YW-8000SHY-T2
Power Voltage AC 220/380/400/415V
Input Power 12KVA
Work Plate Size 350*700/400*800MM 
Net Weight 500KG
Gross Weight 600KG
H.F. Output Power 8KW
Oscillation Tube 7T69RB


YW-8000SHY-T2 is an anti-radiation model for better protection for the operator by minimizing the risk of exposure. 

2. With the safety cover design of this machine, it reduces other digital devices from influencing.

3. YW-8000SHY-T2 has stronger structure than traditional model, and is well covered by safety covers, with this safety design, it offers safe working environment.

4. YW-8000SHY-T2 installed the Air/Oil converting boost cylinder, it provides greater level of pressing power while requiring less energy usage than traditional cylinder.

5. The output counter installed on YW-8000SHY-T2 allows operator to keep on track with the production line’s productivity.

6. This machine can control accurately with the digitalized setting controller. Thus, YW-8000SHY-T2 can manage the production results precisely.

7. YW-8000SHY-T2 contains the anti-flash system, it well protect not only the input materials, processing mold, the machine parts, but also the safety of operators.