Hot Pressing Machine Series

YW-988 3D Vacuum Hot Press Forming Machine

3D Vacuum Hot Press Forming Machine
Model YW-988
Work Pressure Negative Pressure
HorsePower 5HP
Hot Plate Work Area 600*400MM
Max. Route 100MM
Power 15KW
Machine Size 120*182*200CM
Net Weight 800KG


1. YW-988 is capable to do three-dimensional hot molding. Moreover, it can be applied to many kinds of fabric and hot melt.

2. This 3D Vacuum Hot Press Forming Machine has three main parts, which are hot-blast box, vacuum box and hot melt pad. Hot-blast box only applies heat air within its air flowing unit.

3. Silicone pad under the hot-blast box well covers shoe materials, and it allows the heat air transfer through the processing material for better hot pressing result.

4. The 3D hot-pressing is done by the vacuum box, which holds the both silicone pad and the material together.