Hot Pressing Machine Series

YW-515 Vacuum Hot Pressing Shoes Vamp Forming Machine

Vacuum Hot Pressing Shoes Vamp Forming Machine
Model YW-515
Electric Heating Power 18KW
Horse Power 3HP
Work Pressure -0.8 BAR
Hot Plate Work Area 600*400MM
Max. Route of Travel 500MM
Machine Size 110*116*140CM
Net Weight Approx. 800KG


1. The extra space of working plates not only able to contain large amount of processing input but also helps increasing production efficiency within a single run.

2. The sand mold in this machine is designed with strong breathable sand which increases the stability and equal force. The shape and pattern of the results can be customized with different design of the sand mold.

3. The automatically loaded plates of this machine help operators to avoid potential harm of processing. 

4. Both upper and lower plates are independently managed by computerized control and digitalized setting. This machine aims for precise data setting while providing better quality of outputs.