High Frequency Welding Machine Series

YW- 8825SHY-A Automatic Computer Auto-Track High Frequency Welding and Cutting Machine

YW- 8825SHY-A
Automatic Computer Auto-Track High Frequency Welding and Cutting Machin...
Model YW-8825SHY-A
Voltage AC 220V/380V/415V/440V 3Φ
Input Power 50KVA
Max. Pressure Force 50T
Work Plate Size 600*500MM
Press Route 250MM
HF Output Power 25KW
Oscillation Frequency 27.12MHz
Oscillation Tube 8T25RA
Full Load Current 85A
Horse Power 1/4HP
Machine Size 160*260*200CM
Net Weight  Approx. 1800KG


1. This machine is designed with auto-tracking system, current can be set individually (upper plate and lower plate) on the monitor. Once the current number is set in the setting, the auto-tracking system will start tracking the current and make sure it stays in the same current while the machine is operating. Thus, in this case, there is no need for operator to adjust the coherent individually while operating this machine.

2. Based on the thickness of different materials, the setting of the upper plate and lower plate can be set differently. After keying in the thickness setting, YW-8825SHY-A is able to work precisely based on the setting in order to have a good control the output quality.

3. This machine controls the cutting setting precisely in order to provide ideal cutting effects and reduce the chances of insulation board wearing.

4. This machine uses PLC controller, because of this, the time can be measured accurately up to 0.01 second. Thus, it produces great quality products with the PLC controller.

5. This machine uses pneumatic/hydraulic pressurized system, thus, it is noiselessness during operating. Moreover, the speed for it to pressurize is fast and the pressure adjusting range is wide.

6. This machine is designed with multi-functioning feature. It is able to do high frequency welding and cutting at once. Moreover, YW-8825SHY-A adopts computerized interface and digitized control monitor. Since the entire machine’s setting is digitized, it provides great output quality. 

7. Extra-large processing space allows operator to place large amount of input materials in one go, which increases productivity of processing line.

8. YW-8825SHY-A contains two processing plates in order to increase the production since there is no waste of time on waiting during operation. 

9. This machine loaded materials automatically, thus operator can avoid potential harm by performing this action. Moreover, the productivity is raised by less procedure acted.

10. It adopts anti-flash system to protect input materials and the processing mold.

​11. Radiation is reduced by well covered structure of the machine, both operators and digital device won’t be affected.