High Frequency Welding Machine Series

YW-810T/ YW-820T/ YW-830T/ YW-850T/ YW-880T Digital High Frequency Plastic Welding &Cutting Machine (Horizontal Double Layer Version)

Model YW-810T/ YW-820T/ YW-830T/ YW-850T/ YW-880T
Power Supply AC 220V/380V/415V/440V 3Φ
Input Power 15KVA/20KVA/ 25KVA/ 30KVA/50KVA
Work Plate Size 300MM*500MM/ 350MM*550MM/ 500MM*600MM (r to be your request)
HF output Frequency 8KW/ 10KW/12KW/ 15KW/25KW
Oscillation Frequency 27.12MHZ
Max. Pressure 15T~60T
Oscillation Tube 7T69RB/ E3039/ E3130/ 8T85RB/ 8T87RB


1. Extra large material loading capacity, it allows great amount of input to be processed in one go; this is going to increase productivity dramatically.
2. In comparison to traditional model, the YW-800T series automatically load working plates. Operators can save time from waiting for first operating plate, to place the second plate with input material.

3. YW-800T’s structure is well covered, this will protect other electronic-digital device and operators from harm of radiation, but also it prevents any other potential operation risk.
4. Processing setting is managed by YW-800T’s digital control monitor, this offers great level of processing precision for providing better output quality.