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YW-T500A/ YW-T600A Automatic Hydrostatic Pressing Machine

YW-T500A/ YW-T600A
Model YW-T500A YW-T600A
Power 3HP 3HP
Machine Size 980*860*1660MM 1080*980*1660MM
Voltage 220V 60HZ/ 380V 50HZ 220V 60HZ/ 380V 50HZ
Net Weight Approx. 1200KG Approx. 1600KG

1. This machine contains an average 7KG/CM pull force of Hydrostatic Press system, which it will press every single corner of input material and it will provide good output result.
2. The Hydrostatic Press System is water soluble and non-toxic, which it is safe to people and to the environment.
3. It contains a automatic laser sense emergency stop system, emergency stop button and acrylic covers, to well protect operator from any harm.

4. The automatic fault reporter will shows the problem to operate for minimizing time taken from repair.
5. The machine is capable to perform 3 ways of pressing, Front-back, top-bottom and left-right; thus, during process, this machine requires less labor to operate, and short the time for operator to place (and replace) input materials.