Punching Machine Series

YW-708A-SHY Auto-Switch Punching Machine

Auto-Switch Punching Machine
Model  YW-708A-SHY
Machine Size 70*50*200CM
Net Weight Approx. 130KG
Gross Weight Approx. 200KG
Max Press 3T
Power 220V
Input Power 50KVA


1. This machine is used for punching holes in a row simultaneously on shoes vamps.
2. YW-708A-SHY is easy to operate; it only requires air pressure and electric power to punch holes.
3. The maximum power for this pressurized cylinder punching machine is up to 3 tons.
4. Auto-switching of punching molds: Punching molds are switchable to match with manufacturing needs. This machine is capable to punch various requirements, with this feature, the productivity increases.
5. Punching molds holder is designed for mold changing purpose. Operator can easily re-install different punch molds based on various type of punching tasks.
6. Punching Modes:
- Auto Punching Mode: With the special design of this machine, the sensor in this machine will help finishing punching automatically after the operator steps on the right foot-switch to bring punch mold close to the material.
- Safety Punching Mode: The sensor in this machine will not work in this safety mode. Thus, this machine will not punch the material automatically. Operator needs to step on the left foot-switch to finish punching.
7. Cylinder Route Adjustable: This machine is designed with adjustable cylinder routes. With this design, operator is able to make changes for the routes based on various punching requests.