Laminating Machine Series

YW-876-3HP (660MM) Six Phase Hot and Cold Roll-Plying Laminating (Attaching) Machine

YW-876-3HP (660MM)
Six Phase Hot and Cold Roll-Plying Laminating (Attaching) Machine...
Model  YW-876-3HP
Machine Size 600*126*110CM
Voltage 380V
Input Power 18KW
Horse Power  1/2HP


1. For YW-876-3HP processes the input materials by 6 phase to avoid input over-heated, because of this, the result proves that this machine produces great quality of outputs.
2. One of the six stages of this machine is the high efficiency chilling (cold) stage. It cools down the hot surface of the products and high temperature materials. It also keeps the final shape of the products away from getting overheated.
3. YW-876-3HP adjusts the pressure based on different materials automatically.

4. YW-876-3HP helps attaching and forming one material with other materials.

5. YW-876-3HP is designed open-sided. Thus, it works great on large pieces laminating and shoes vamp lining laminating.

6. Cooling pipe is installed in YW-876-3HP. Therefore, this machine can be turn off even it’s still under high temperature because of the cooling pipe. It reduces heat automatically until the temperature is lower than 75°C, then this machine actually turns off. 

7. Our company uses No-Sew Teflon Conveying Belt as the material. The structure of this machine is specially designed to help avoiding the conveying belt to go off the track and the extending using lifetime for conveying belt.

8. Both of the upper and lower conveying belts have cleaning blades to clean up/ move away the dirt. With the cleaning blades, products get laminated better.

9. YW-876-3HP has two temperature controllers, which are the front temperature controller and back temperature controller. Besides these two temperature controllers, SSR is also installed in both of these machines. With all of these, the temperature can be control and measure accurately.

10. The width range of product to be processed is up to 660mm and the conveying length is 2000mm. The size of the heating area is 1000mm. A material of 2000mm*100mm can be separated into 150 pieces every minute. The working speed can be change based on the different materials.

11. This machine uses pneumatic to give pressure to for hot pressing. Pneumatic valve is able to control the pressure base on different materials.

12. The productivity is higher with no-Sew Teflon Conveying Belt.

13. Besides the front and back temperature controllers, YW-876-3HP designed with three more temperature controllers, which are middle, upper and lower temperature controllers to make the measure the temperature accurately.

14. YW-876-3HP is designed with Cooling System, the system makes sure that all the materials cool down and shaped after laminating within a short period of time.