Hot Pressing Machine Series

YW-806-3SC No-Sew Three Cylinder Hot Pressing Machine (3 in 1, two hot and one cold)

No-Sew Three Cylinder Hot Pressing Machine (3 in 1, two hot and one cold...
Model YW-806-3SC
Input Power 20KW
Power Voltage AC 380V 50HZ
Work Size 600*500MM
Max Pressure 15T
Air-Cylinder Pressure 0.5mpa.1.7/mln
Net Weight Approx. 2700KG


1. YW-806-3SC contained 2 hot presses (left and right) and 1 cold press (middle), it aims to raise production quality and efficiency. After the heat-press process, operator quickly shift input material to the cold-press plate for shaping purpose; cold press is done to keep the shaping result of the heat-press input material for good quality. The operator’s production efficiency is raised by no time is wasted during operation; during processing, input will be processed one after another, which operator can place another piece of material while waiting the other plates.

2. During operation, silicon mat is automatically covered, thus the operator rises their productivity by less action taken, but the system also protect them from the heat or any potential harm.
3. YW-806-3SC is an ergonomic model and it not only reduces fatigue of operator, but it is also designed for safe work environment.

4. YW-806-3SC is managed by PLC computerized control; process is all digitalized set, it provides great precision operation and great quality result.

5. The SSR device installed upgrades machine’s temperature control ability for raising output quality.